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The Government of Kenya initiated a program to construct 500,000 affordable homes across 47 Counties, a pillar of the Big 4 Agenda. Under Article 43 (b) of the Kenyan Constitution, every person has the right to adequate and accessible housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation. With a rapidly increasing population in Kenya’s urban areas, the demand for housing units has soared. To meet this demand, partnerships through private sector funding and the national government can fast-track the vision.

The State Department of Housing and Urban Development is steering the delivery of this vision across Kenya’s major towns and cities, and to provide an enabling environment, the Government made tax reforms that;

Lower the cost of home ownership by 50%
Provide a 30% reduction in construction costs
Realizes 300,000 new jobs in the construction industry


Amaka Umbrella Fund

Amaka Fund is a revolutionary, innovative tech solution in the proptech sector that brings together stakeholders in the property space i.e., developers, and buyers, in a complementary manner that allows developers to meet the residential housing demand.

In a partnership backed by the Government, Amaka Fund has brought together top pension fund schemes and financial institutions through an investment that will provide private sector funding in partnership with the national government.

This proptech solution is now the future marketplace for affordable housing where buyers can save towards home ownership, and property developers and investors in the property space can go to make assessments on demand in the market, as well as make their investment choices.

Why Invest in Amaka

Amaka Fund is approved by the Capital Markets Authority a government institution and is a channel that provides access to funding for buyers purchasing houses under the Affordable Housing Program.

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