Amaka QI Tenant Purchase Scheme Fund

How it works

The Amaka TPS Fund is designed for high-net-worth individuals and institutions looking towards investing in Fixed Income Securities for a yield, with a minimum investment of Kshs. 1 million.

Under this fund, funds invested into the TPS offer interest to the investors, with a redemption period of 5 years.

Key Features;

Allow Monthly valuations

Allow Monthly issue of units

Allow minimum investments of Kshs. 1,000,000/= and top ups of similar amounts

Investors purchase units in the fund. Fund to offer a fixed return/coupon to the fund investors. Coupons paid either semi – annually or annually



Investors purchase units of the fund. Investors to inject capital for the financing of the TPS. Fund to offer a yield/interest to the fund investors.



Minimum holding period of 5 years.

Automatic redemption into Amaka TPS upon approval of Project Prospectus by CMA or as allowed by Fund Manager and Trustee.

Spend your cash on what matters.

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